Brexit- a month on

It has been a month since I cast my vote in the historic EU referendum. I was one of the 48% who was deeply disappointed, and initially furious, that the other 52% voted to break the union we have in favour of perceived independence. Having a month to reflect on brexit hasn’t changed my opinion in a huge way, however, I am now in the mindset of getting the best deal possible for Britian. For me, that’s retaining access to the single market. For others, the caveat that we would have to retain freedom of movement is a betrayal. 

Prior to the referendum we were being prepped for the end of the world as we know it. At least that’s what those refusing to listen to experts were saying. Experts who were warning of the consequences of a vote to leave the union. What has happened in the last month? Put simply, chaos reigned. Markets plummeted, the pound fell to a 3 decade low, the economy waned and politics suffered an almighty earthquake. We now have a new Prime Minister who has promised to enact the will of the people and leave the EU. When is an ambiguous matter at the moment. 

But, even though I am one of the 48% who voted remain, I think we need to stay optimistic. Britain can make it alone, although it didn’t have to. Having the last month to reflect I have come to a conclusion: we may be leaving the EU but we are not and will never leave Europe. We will continue to work together for the common good. From trade to security, we will remain united once the dust has settled. 

I am hopeful that markets will regain traction and the economy will bounce back. I hope with austerity no longer being central to government policy. 

So this short blog comes with one message and that is this: let’s make the best of this situation to ensure the Britain that emerges is stronger than ever. 


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