Energy Crisis; What crisis?

ImageYou would be forgiven for thinking that when energy companies raise prices it affects everyone in some way. Alas, you are deluded. As the Sunday Mirror reveals, these price rises do not affect our MPs because we, the taxpayers, pay for their energy bills so their own personal pockets remained lined. You can see the full list here; 

In numerical figures, bills of over £1,000 were submitted by 41 MPs, 78 submitted bills for £500 in the 12 months up to March of this year. The worst offenders are; Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi, with a bill of £5,822.27, International Development Minister Alan Duncan with a bill of £2,750 and £1,250 in heating oil and Universities Minister David Willetts, who claimed £2,596. 

This coming at a time when Labour are trying to convey a policy of ‘freeze that bill’ and a party in touch with the people. In touch, however, is far from reality when many Labour MP’s claimed hundreds of pounds at a time when many are sat in their freezing living rooms right now deciding whether to turn the heating on and, consequently, not eat, or to eat and risk freezing to death. Some may not have either choice. Many will almost certainly die this winter. In 2011, the number of fuel poor households in England was estimated at around 2.39 million, representing approximately 11 per cent of all English households. (see full report here; 

Age UK’s charity director, Caroline Abrahams, told The Telegraph: “With fuel poverty blighting the lives of millions of households, it is nothing short of a national scandal that the UK is lagging so far behind other countries when it comes to tackling the problem”. (

Now, more than ever, is a time for a revolution in energy bills (you can see the campaign here; 

Only one poll for you today: 


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