Spending review: key figures


The axe has been wield once again by our fantastically competent Chancellor. Below is a list of the key points to be aware of; 


Once again, the welfare budget and students are being hit hard. Oh these times of austerity. I particularly don’t understand the requirement to wait for 7 days for JSA- what are those people supposed to live on exactly? Food out of bins? 


I am equally surprised that the state pension is not included in the welfare cap given that it will probably be one of our greatest fiscal challenges in the future. 


Furthernore, this government seems intent on destroying our legal aid system with 10% cuts announced to the justice department. But hey, FIFTY BILLION POUND OF INVESTMENTS. Yeah, i’ll believe it when I see it. 

Something that struck me was that we are forecast to save £1bn on tax evasion. Excuse me? A measly £1bn when the government estimates tax avoidance costs the UK £5 billion per year, according to Citywire. We should be clamping down on these evaders extremely hard instead of requiring people who unfortunately need JSA to wait for seven anxious days to see if they can make a claim. I see defence was let off, mainly because we are about to get involved in yet another war.

And, the nail in the coffin for many? The security services, currently embroiled in a global eavesdropping scandal, have their budgets increased. Hurrah! I can sleep easy tonight knowing my communication might be being intercepted.

Also, freezing student maintenance? A great way for Nick Clegg to get his party back into favour and up in the polls, I’m sure.

I know one way we could reduce the welfare bill with one strike- A LIVING WAGE MR OSBORNE.

You can view reactions to the spending review here: http://www.24dash.com/news/central_government/2013-06-26-Spending-Review-Sector-reactions


What do you think of the budget? 





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