Farage braces for barrage of criticism over offshore tax plan

In the papers today there is a story about Nigel Farage’s plan to start an offshore bank account in order to evade tax in the UK. Oh here we go again. 


So did he apologise I hear you ask? Well, of sorts, and quite patronisingly. He gave three reasons as to why this was a mistake:

“Firstly, I’m not rich enough to need one and I am never going to be”. Now, as a law student one picks up methods of interpreting judgments of the various courts. Here is no exception. This doesn’t seem to be an apology to me, it seems to be simply an acknowledgement that if Farage was wealthy then he would go ahead and screw UK taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“Secondly, frankly, the world has changed. Things that we thought were absolutely fair practice 10 years, 20 years ago, 30 years ago aren’t any more”. Yes, Farage, tax evasion is bad but i refer to your first reason- you imply that this practice would be fair enough for you to do it if you were wealthy.

“Thirdly, it was a mistake because it cost me money. I sent a cheque off to set it up.” Oh dear God, can it get any more self loathing. YES, FARAGE WE KNOW YOU AREN’T WEALTHY ENOUGH AND YOU ARE SELFISH. It cost money to set up? So if it was free to set up you would have done it anyway?

Well, thank you very much for your apology Nigel, Britain (doesn’t) salutes you. At the end of this blog there is a screen print of a statement Farage gave in the European Parliament last month and the headline. As you will see, there is a lot of hypocrisy;







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