Scientology: an insight into an aggressive community


So, last night (17th June) C4 aired a programme called ‘Scientologists at war’. Well what a crazy, aggressive, and downright weird ride that would be. 
The basis of this religion, as per C4’s interviewees, is that humankind is ‘infested’ with Thetans, alien souls, and Hubbard’s religion aims to cleanse us of them. This is done by progressing through levels. I don’t know, if its not the lizard people of Bilderberg, it’s alien souls. Whatever next? 
In simple terms; once you’re in at the Church, there is no getting out unscathed. No dissenting allowed. The Church is in control of everything in your life. 
The documentary primarily followed Marty, an ex-Church member who, like others he claimed, dissented from the Church & now practice Scientology independently. This, simply, is the less crazy version. Now, Marty did not simply leave. 
The Church pursued all kinds of avenues. ‘Squirrel busters’ descended on his home every single day to document the ‘squirrel’ (Marty). They attempted to turn his neighbours against him, provoked him into reacting &, most shockingly, set up surveillance in an adjacent property. The Church isn’t a backdrop for a MI5 training facility, is it? (Eeek, hope I haven’t revealed any national security information there)! 
Bizarrely, it seems that Marty didn’t sue for harassment, nor invasion of privacy (HRA 1998). He simply put up with it as long as he could & then relocated when he couldn’t do that anymore. And get this; THEY had Marty arrested- the cheek! 
The whole documentary gave a fascinating if somewhat weird insight into the inner workings & techniques of the Church of Scientology. 
Disclaimer: Oh, by the way, Squirell Busters, if you’re reading this I am not a member of, nor do I practice, Scientology. So don’t you descend on my home like you did Marty’s. I shall inflict the full force of the law on you if you do. 

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