My Training Contract Journey: Step 1

So, I have recently finished the first year of law school. Because I am on an accelerated course of 2, rather than 3, years this means I have to apply for the elusive TC’s by 31st July this year (2013). *GULP*. 

Over the course of the next several weeks, I will be blogging my TC journey in the hope that it both interests and helps you in your own journey and, maybe, allow you to make the decision to become a lawyer. 

Step 1:

Firms chosen. I have chosen to apply to a handful of firms including; Hogan Lovells, Irwin Mitchell, Walker Morris and Bond Dickenson. I have applied, primarily, for their Leeds offices (I love this city) but also their London offices (I equally love that city). 

Applications completed. I cannot stress enough that you complete your application well ahead of the traditional 31st July deadline to give yourself enough time to proof-read. There is nothing worse than grammatical errors in a professional, legal application or CV. Especially since such errors made in practice, on a contract for example, can have a drastic effect. 

TOP TIP: Remember, when the following word starts with a vowel, it is ‘an’. For example an interesting concept. When the following word starts with a consonant, it is ‘a’. For example a lively concept. 

so what is next in my journey? Well, at the moment I am awaiting results certification by the BPP exam board, which are due out on 28th June. I will then be inserting those into my applications and pressing submit. *GULP*.


Next post will be on or shortly after 28th June. Stay tuned. 




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