A day in the life of a law student


6am: *sigh* time to get up and commute to law school. This is made more dreadful by the landslip that has caused the train line to close and buses to replace them. 

8:50am: Quick stop at McDonalds for a tea before heading in for class. Nearly trip someone over with my suitcase full of folders and books. Hope I don’t get sued. 

9am: First class. Constitution and Administrative law consolidation. Today’s topic- constitution. 

10am: Second class. Con&Ad tutorial. *Double sigh*. Too early. Today’s topic- Separation of powers. 

11am: An hour break. Well, I say break but there is far too much reading to complete. Working lunch it is then. 

12:15pm: Third class. The dreaded EU tutorial. Today’s topic- Direct, indirect effect and state liability. *Triple sigh*. 

1:15pm: Quick catch up with fellow colleagues before listening to a podcast for International trade. Today’s podcast is on insolvency. *No sigh*. I like Business law. 

2:30pm: International trade tutorial. Today’s topic-implied terms. At least I’ll know how to send a good back if its a load of ****. 

3:45pm: International trade lecture. Today’s topic- passing of property. Strangely very interesting. 

4:45pm: Head to the train station for the train home. Consolidate on the way home to make use of free time. 

7pm: Home. *loooooooooooooooooooong sigh and fall onto the bed*. 


Day off on Wednesday. Well, working from home. Thank the Lord. Image




2 thoughts on “A day in the life of a law student

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    • Just to be clear, i’m ON the bed at 7pm, not IN it, which implies sleep. Law isn’t that easy. 😉

      Thanks for linking me to your blog though, hope it gives a good insight into a Law degree for your readers!

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